The God of soccer turns 55…

For anyone born in the 70s, soccer is synonymous with one man. They call him Diego Maradona – the man who made Argentina popular as a country. He is the reason why I started supporting Argentina even before a gentleman named Messi was born. There was always a debate if Pele was better than Maradona and vice-versa. I would simply put it this way. If Pele is Bradman, then Maradona is Sachin.

Diego Maradona

Whether it was getting red-carded in the 1982 world cup or failing the drug test in the 1994 world cup, or using the hand of God in the 1986 world cup, he had been controversy’s favourite child. But, one would always remember the magic this genius created in the 1986 world cup. For me, the best moment of his career was his double in the 1986 WC quarterfinal against England. If the first goal would remain the most controversial goal ever to have scored in a WC match, then the 2nd goal would be remembered as the best ever-individual goal. The maverick picks the ball from his own half dribbles past the English defenders tirelessly and moves till the box, goes past Peter Shilton and deposits the ball in the back of the net. I would say that was the day when God decided to use his hand and then his foot to score 2 of the most talked about goals of WC history.

Today as he turns 55 (sum it up and again you get No.10), I wish him a long and healthy life. Once a genius, he will always be a genius.


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