24 Tamil Movie – My Review

24 – Finally watched it. The one I wanted to watch from the day I saw the trailer. More expectations were there as Surya was playing the antagonist for the first time. And thanks to the initial reviews on TFC, I thought this would be one of the milestone movies of Surya’s career. But this movie didn’t live upto the initial hype created, at least by the few reviews, which said this is a masterpiece and all that. Yes, Surya has come out with a neat performance in the role of Atreya. And the younger one irritates with saying that one dialogue in almost every scene he appears. (If I had counted it right, it should be somewhere around 11-14 times).


That dialogue – Naan watch mechanic, ithellam enakku oru mattera illai. The audience loses patience beyond a point. And what was Samantha doing in this movie? A couple of songs in designer gowns and that’s it. There are scenes where her acting was so kiddish and I could hear the audience saying “Atreyava vara sollunga da”. After a decent performance in Theri, this is a let down from Sam.

Saranya’s role is a cakewalk for her. Nithya menon’s role is more like an extended cameo and she does justice to her role. BGM is good in certain scenes and the songs visuals are good. DOP has done a good job. There are some scenes, which are really good. And then there are scenes, which are marana mokkai. Atreya could have been a cult villain in Tamil cinema folklore but in a couple of scenes his intelligence is left a lot to be desired and so couldn’t get the same feel you have for a certain Siddarth Abhimanyu. And inspite of all the above said things, this can be watched just for the reason the lead actor and the director has come up with a new attempt. Having said that, not all new, different attempts get converted into great movies.

Final word – watchable if you go with no expectations and it will be a disappointment if you go with great expectations.


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