M.S. Dhoni: The Untold Story – Movie Review

So, is he the same Neeraj Pandey who donned the director’s hat for movies like A Wednesday, Special 26 and Baby? That would have been the question on the minds of most of us who watched M.S. Dhoni: The Untold Story.

MS Dhoni
The film is a Ashutosh gowarikeresque effort when it comes to the running time. When we have film makers who focus on water proof editing and by that keep their movies for less than 130-140 minutes, here we have a movie with a running time of 190 minutes. “Yawns”. Why treat us with a test match when the generation is interested in T-20?

Sushant has given his 100% for being the reel MSD. Be it the gait, the body language, those simple mannerisms of MSD, the intensity on his eyes when he looks at the bowlers while facing them or the helicopter shot, he has put in a lot of efforts to make us feel that it could be actually the real MSD who is wearing the mask of Sushant on screen. Kudos to him. This guy has truly arrived. And heroines… both look cute, nothing more to write about. Could have avoided those clichéd romantic dialogues in a movie like this. The supporting cast led by Anupham Kher, MSD’s coaches at various phases of his life and others have put in a neat performance. Some lovely scenes in the setting of a middle class family, the gang of friends all keeps us engaged in the first half. Special mention about that guy who has portrayed the role of the young Yuvraj. A lovely pat on the back to the casting director.

Some wonderful dialogues like “the match was lost not on the cricket field but on the basketball court the previous night” and the explanation Param gives for supporting MS or the railway platform conversation between MS and the railways head are absolute gems which will make any true sportsman get emotional.
The fans applaud when Virat,Dravid, Sachin or Yuvi is shown on the screen. But the loudest cheers were for Dada’s voice when he says “Iss baar Dhoni ko try karenge”. (Somewhere in TamilNadu a certain DK must have deleted the number of Dada from his contacts 😛 ).
Though there are a lot of positives in the movie, the movie lacks on something. May be the soul, which was present throughout the first half was missing in the second half. Or may be I was expecting another masterpiece from Neeraj Pandey…


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